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September 30, 2013:
Faster WiFi Networking is on the Horizon.


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Wireless WiFi Cards and 801.11 Technology

What kind of WiFi Card Are You Looking For? Finding out how to select a wifi card is half the battle, because you could be referring to an 801.11 card that gets plugged into a Desktop PC with an antenna attached to it, or USB wifi cards for laptop computers, or you might be thinking of the SD card family with WiFi BlueTooth Connectivity that makes it possible to download pictures and video without taking the card out of the camera. Most people who are looking for wifi cards are trying to get networking and internet access for a computer that doesn't have this technology built into the system. People with older desktops use this to prevent the need for drilling a hole into the wall for a LAN cable, and may refine their search by using a term like "pci wifi card" to specify this feature. There are internal and external wifi cards available as well.

Some new developments in WiFi may make it possible to connect to all of your peripherals wirelessly, so the only thing you have to wire is your outlet. Naturally, to be backwards compatible, you will need (brief pause for drum roll) Wifi cards to make these things possible. Imagine taking your TV out of the box and having it automatically connect to the home theater system and computer. Imagine taking all your power cords to the copper recycler, because they are now obsolete! A new standard of WiFi will make it possible to send HD signals without the expensive HDMI cables you use now. Tomorrow's WiFi cards will be 10X faster, so a data revolution may soon be on its way with the 60GHZ spectrum specification.

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Special note: Today's fancy WiFi Standard is Yesterday's 8 Track Tape, but you might as well not have to plug and unplug memory cards in order to get pictures off your camera.